Product and Editions Feature Comparison

The RapidOne platform is based on RapidOne Team. The platform can be extended with further applications such as RapidOne CRM. Both the Team platform and the specific applications are available in Light and Professional editions.

The Light editions are targeted to smaller organisations, but can also be a great way to introduce the application in gradual steps to your staff.

The Profesional editions extend the functionality of RapidOne to include extra powerful features. See below what functionality is included in which Product and Edition.

  Business Objects RapidOne Team   RapidOne CRM
    Light Professional   Light Professional
InterAction InterActions Included Included  
Documents Documents Included Included  
Relation Relations Included Included  
  ● Financials   Included  
  ● Functionaries   Included  
  ● Products used       Included Included
  ● Competition       Included Included
Relation Types Relation Types Included Included  
Locations Locations Included Included  
Contacts Contacts Included Included  
  ● Authorisations         Included
Functions Functions Included Included  
Topics Topics Included Included  
Countries Countries Included Included  
Geo Groups Geo Groups Included Included  
Market Segment Market Segments Included Included  
Product Groups Product Groups       Included Included
Products Products       Included Included
  ● Multiple Pricing         Included
  ● Functionaries         Included
Product Families Product Families       Included Included
  ● Family Profiling         Included
Bids Bids       Included Included
Opportunity Opportunity         Included
Opportunity Types Opportunity Types         Included
Pricebook Pricebooks         Included
Territory Territories   Included  
  ● On Relations   Included  
  ● On Products         Included
User Users Included Included  
User Groups User Defined User Groups   Included  

Included in Team Professional Platform (required for CRM Professional)
Optional if CRM Light is combined with Team Professional